Our office is located in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, on the French Riviera. A business hub concentrating office workers. The global pandemic has turned professional habits upside down. From one day to another, most of our patients had suddenly to work from home with no ergonomic equipment.

After the end of the first quarantine, we noticed that many patients who took consultations with us, had many problems because of bad postures after weeks of remote work from home. We had to deal with the same patient profile and fix the same problems for weeks.

We were aware that if we did not help them to change their daily postures and turn their bad habits into a healthy routine, our treatments would not be much effective and we would soon be overwhelmed. The questions were obvious:

  • How can we help them?
  • How to respond effectively and massively to their concerns about ergonomics for remote working?
  • How to offer concrete solutions?

Osteosophia offers you a simple, functional and adapted training funded on exchange, sharing of expertise and practice.

For more details, please watch the following video: