We are osteopaths from a pluridisciplinary medical office located in Sophia-Antipolis, on the French Riviera. We offer online courses to improve your remote work conditions due to COVID-19. We provide professional ergonomic advice, 1-2-1 courses, online fitness exercises and product testing at our laboratory.

Since the first global quarantine, remote work became the new trend: people were diagnosed with all different kind of body aches. They became less and less mobile, they don’t do sports anymore and they work way more!

Junk food, stress, anxiety affected their daily life. So, we’re here to help you, listen to you and provide you guidance!

Our experience and know-how in osteopathy and ergonomics, will give you the right tools to change your bad habits into a healthy routine!

We offer a tailored coaching to solve your problems related to remote work.


– Collective online seminar to review the ergonomics basics: preventions and original solutions!

– Individual online interview with an osteopath and tailored recommendations of your existing workplace.


– 3 minute daily fitness online

– Special remote gym, twice a week

– Product testing, in our lab

– We test products for you, come and test them at our lab!


– Confidential coaching results

– Online osteopathy consulting

– Online physiotherapy consulting

– Online dietetics consulting

– Online sophrology consulting

Interested?! What are you waiting for?! Contact us on 04 93 65 23 29 or at osteosophia@gmail.com

Take care of your work colleagues and yourself!